Dog Treats for That Special Someone

diana dog treatsEveryone loves a treat, especially our four legged pals. Diana Hockman enjoyed making homemade dog treats for her best buddy. She gave them as gifts to friends and family and never imagined that her past time could turn into a business. In the spring of 2012, Happy Trails Dog Treats was born.

There are so many products in the stores that are marketed as good for your dogs; yet they contain questionable ingredients. Diana wanted the best for her dog and treats were no exception. She uses natural ingredients in her cookies and the ingredient list can be counted on your fingers. happytrails

Her cookie flavors are: pumpkin, carob, banana, beef and chicken, peanut butter and salmon (the most popular flavor). She even offers a gluten free alternative. Dogs that are allergic to gluten can get hives, so this is a great alternative.

diana dogtreatsThanks to the support of family and friends, Happy Trails Dog Treats can be enjoyed by everyone (especially that special family member).

Visit Diana on Friday at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall and on Saturday at the Arlington Farmers Market.