Busker Application

Rules and Regulations

Musicians may perform covers, original music or music in the Public Domain (any Song or Musical Work Published in 1922 or Earlier).  Everett Mall does have a license to cover performances of copyrighted music.

• All material must be considered family-friendly. Obscenity or indecency will not be tolerated.

• It is the busker’s responsibility to manage crowds around their performance to make sure that foot traffic is able to reasonably move around their performance.

• Performances shall only take place at the times and locations designated by FFMEM.

• Buskers must sign up for each busking location and time slot prior to performing.

• You may not stay in location longer than assigned, even if another Busker does not arrive to take your spot.

• Performers cannot ask for money but may place a donation basket in one location; it cannot be passed around.

• Performers may sell CDs and/or tapes, but they cannot sell anything else.

• Performers are responsible for clean-up of all litter at the performance site

• Knives, swords, torches, flames, axes, saws or other objects that can cause bodily injury to any person are prohibited.

• Amplification devices are prohibited without prior written permission from FFMEM staff.

• Use of power sources located within the Friday Farmers Market Everet Mall is prohibited unless approved by FFMEM staff.

Repeated violations of the above rules may result in suspension or termination of busking privileges at the Market. click here to fill out application