Did you say Nectar Plum and Donut Peach?

Have you ever tried or seen a donut peach?  They’re quite comical. You take a peach and smash it like a donut, and that’s exactly what it looks like. The Collins Family has a wide array of stone fruits, especially the fun and juicy Donut Peaches. This family has been farming for four generations, since 1905.

If you’re lucky you’ll catch Bryan Collin at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall. He is in charge of the family operation on the west side. He manages 18 markets and CSAs (community supported agriculture).  “The family has been farming for years. We love it and wouldn’t know what to do if we stopped” said Bryan.

The Collins has dedicated three acres of their farm for experiments. They graft many of their trees and excitedly await the fruit. The newest to be unveiled is the Nectar Plum. It took seven years for this fruit to be perfected. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. Sometimes the fruit doesn’t taste good or the grafting fails, which means they start over after waiting for years. “The Nectar Plum tastes like a Rainier cherry” says Bryan. They’ll be at the Friday Farmers Market Everertt Mall in September, so you better keep coming to catch these elusive fruits.