Green Tomatoes, Yellow Watermelon, Italian Peaches – Oh My!

Ayala peaches SG109308The Ayala family has been proudly farming for about 20-30 years in Outlook, Washington. After working for other farms for years, it was a joyous day to buy their own and become Ayala Farm. Today, they have 130 acres brimming with vegetables and fruits. This is a family business. Marge (Margareto) Ayala will greet you at the Everett Mall Farmers Market and you’ll meet his brothers or cousins at others. Marge laughs as he says his name, because he is often teased it is a girls’ name.

AyalaMarge is the reason we are all able to enjoy their fresh fruits and veggies. He encouraged his dad to do farmers markets. They are not certified organic, but they practice organically. They use only organic herbicides. Certification is costly, which is why some farmers choose not to do it. He describes his neighbor spraying round up with disappointment. It potentially got on their field, so they chose not to sell what was grown there. “It was a loss, but we don’t believe in those methods. We would only give our customers the best” remarks Marge confidently. He proudly shares his fruits with customers and invites them to taste it when he sees their hesitation at something new.

Ayala lemom cucs & zuchini SG109310This year they carry green tomatoes (which is a rare find). Many customers excitedly exclaim they’re going to use it as fried green tomatoes. Sweet purple peppers will also be coming later in the season. They have three different types of plums. Try the big Italians, perfect for a tart or to eat.

Stop by the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall on Friday from 3 to 7pm to shop for what’s in season and meet Marge!