It’s Blueberry Time with the Schmidt Family Farm

schmidt blueberriesmdIt’s blueberry season and who knows them better than the Schimdt Family, who’s been growing them for 45 years. Bill and Susie Schimdt have been married for 44 years. Both are German and had grown up tending gardens. Together, these two loving people grew blueberries and four children.

blueberries-in-basket1Bill’s inspiration for farming was due to his mother. His brother had planted their first bush, and together they cared for it. Bill and Susie tend to 4 acres and about 3,000 bushes of Berkley, Early Blue, Collin (the sweetest) and Blue crop. Their oldest field is 60 years old.

fun facts schmidt blueberriesmdFamily is a center of importance for the Schidmt’s. Bill is also a chiropractor and has been practicing for 47 years. His children are of the same profession (except for one dentist) work in the same building in Everett. His grandkids work the stands at the farmers market. Annie is the oldest and often the one you will meet. Their favorite way to enjoy blueberries is with Devonshire cream and Banana delight made by Susie.

Plan to take home a pint or flat, to eat fresh or freeze before the season if over. They can be found this week at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall.