Square Dancing Pals – Became Y Crafts

y craft ladies SMElise and Sandra met and became friends while square dancing. It turned out that both had a love for creating things with their hands. Elise had been selling her crafts for twelve years in the Ellensberg Farmer’s Market. She encouraged Sandra to join her and together they became – Y Crafts.

crochet towelsAs you approach their booth at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall, you are greeted by their sweet smiling faces.  Sandra prefers to sew and has been sewing since she was four years old.  She enjoys giving things new life. Her latest creation is the jean apron. It’s cute, long lasting and best of all it was repurposed. Elise’s pride and joy is her gel candles. She beams as she holds it up to show what she did all on her own.  These two are both self-taught and the cold weather is the tickler for their fingers to get back to work.

demim jean apronTheir booth is filled with goods perfect for everyday use – from baby booties to hand towels, they have quite a selection.  A must see is their crocheted towels, perfect for washing dishes or to wipe up a mess (goodbye paper towel and sponge). They laugh as they talk about creating an assembly line to create what they have in their booths. Sandra and Elise craft out of friendship and enjoyment.

Stop by and see what they’ve got at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall every Friday from 3 to 7pm. It is never too early to stock up on holiday gifts. The season will be upon us before we know it.