Sweet, Healthy and Delicious – That’s Colonial Honey

colonial davidOne of the most recognized pollinators of the world are bees. They provide one of the best products for consuming and healing – Honey. David Pearson is the bee keeper for Colonial Honey Farms. He was inspired by a display he ran for the Evergreen Fair; and today he proudly sells his pure raw honey at the Friday Farmers Market at Everett Mall.

David is not only a honey farmer; he is a Master Bee Keeper and mentor to new bee enthusiasts. He teaches classes in people’s yards within the city of Snohomish and offers pollination services. The farm is required to be practicing organically to be considered. It is a wonderful relationship for both sides. David doesn’t use pesticides or antibiotics on or around his bees, so he is strict of where his bees go. He guarantees that you will taste nothing but the purest honey from his farm.

colonial copyHoney is great for cooking, your health and a substitute for sugar. Honey has a low glycemic index, which is great for diabetics. It is anti-fungal and anti-viral, so it can be used on cuts to help the healing process. David’s daughter uses it to clear her sore throat by tipping her head back and pouring it through her nostril until it hits her throat. She guarantees it works. As we enter the cold/flu season, honey is great to stock up on. Buckwheat is great for coughs, but it does have a robust taste. You’ll have to ask David for a taste.

Colonial Honey Farms also offers honey as a supplement to pets. Bee Pollen corrects the unbalanced nutrition that can be found in today’s diet. His wife raises show dogs and says it is great for their energy. click here to visit Colonial Honey Farms website.

Honey truly is liquid gold with its healing benefits and amazing flavors. Local honey comes in different flavors, so don’t be shy in asking David to taste them all when you visit him at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall this Friday.