Vang Garden Grows Flowers

vang garden version rvWho can resist a beautiful arrangement full of vibrant colors? It’s hard to walk by the Wing Garden Family stand and not want to grab a bouquet to adorn a table. The Vang Wing Garden Family has been growing flowers for about 13 years. It’s amazing to watch them take stems and make a beautiful piece of art.

4012981476_04e9bbd492The Vang Wing family grows flowers on 6 acres and together they sell in about 4-5 farmers markets. Twenty six buckets of flowers are freshly cut by 2-3 members of the family. That amount is the small markets; can you imagine how many buckets are needed for bigger markets?

They share that dahlias are one of the favorites. They grow a big red and yellow dinner plate. It is gorgeous on its own. They laugh as they share that you build a bouquet around that beauty and not the other way around.

You can enjoy their arrangements from early summer to late fall. The days are getting darker earlier, so grab some flowers to keep some sunshine in your home.

Stop by the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall to pick up your flowers this Friday.