Flower of Lisieux Soaps – The Elegant Handmade Soap

What is elegant, handmade, kosher and made from Meyenberg goat milk?

goat soap smThe lovely soaps and lotions made from love by Marlyn and Dan Connolly of Flower of Lisieux Soaps.  They have been making soaps for the last three years and became official in August 2012. The Connolly’s chose to make soap because it was something they can do as a family.

Goat milk’s moisturizing properties rejuvenate the skin (the effect is essentially “anti-aging”), making it one of the best ingredients to use on your body (which is why they chose it). Their soaps and lotions are unscented, naturally scented (using essential oils) or fragranced to meet everyone’s cleansing preference. The best part is that you can use their soap as a shampoo. They also make soaps just for the little ones’ – Soaps for Little Folks. soap fun factsCleverly sized to fit small hands or perfect for travel, camping and as a wedding favor? Why not, it’s economically priced.

Beer and soap, together? Yup, Fat Lather will be unveiled shortly. Dan thought “Beer’s great for your hair and bubbles nice, so why not put it in soap?” It has a nice woodsy, natural scent. You’ll have to watch the market’s Facebook to see when they come to market, so you can experience it for yourself.

Be sure to visit them at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall or like them on Facebook click here