Have You Tired – Bubba’s Salsa?

Ali Haghgoo is not to be missed at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall. He can bring a smile to your face with his rapping and dancing at his stand. Bubba’s Salsa is hard to resist after Ali beckons you with a sample.

Bubba’s salsa was born in 2007 and can be found in a couple of farmers markets. Pretty soon, you may see him at Whole Foods. Ali’s salsa is natural, contains no water or additives and irresistible. It’s perfect on everything or as a side kick to your main course. His best seller is the tropical salsa, made with mango, papaya and peach. It’s a bit of summer during the cold months. He also makes a traditional tomato salsa, guacamole which can be mild or spicy (but it’s just the right heat). “The spicy says ‘Hello’ I’m here” he shares with a big animated smile.

bubba salsahandshakeAli loves to see people’s reaction. He anxiously awaits your reaction as you bite the chip loaded with his guacamole or salsa. That’s the best part he says. His inspiration for making his salsa was to make everyone happy. “Making people happy with good food is the best gift” Ali says beaming with pride.

What’s in the future besides Whole Foods? Ali plans to make a vegetarian with carrot, zucchini and other fun goodies. The recipe is still a work in progress. Don’t miss his amazing salsas at the Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall or check out his website: www.bubbasalsa.com.