What is It and How Do I Eat It?

GarlicScapesThe Everett Farmers Markets prides itself in the variety of vendors and the products they offer. It’s not unusual for a first-time farmer’s market shopper to get a little overwhelmed with all the green things, fruit and people (we get a lot of people). Our vendors bring us the most wonderful, fresh and seasonal produce – a lot of which you will never see at your big name grocery store. We know you might have questions so we are here to help. We did a little nosing around the produce vendor stalls to check out some of their best in-season fare and came up with ways you could us it at home. We also shared some nutritional facts about these beauties! Our hope is that you leave the market boundaries feeling inspired and not overwhelmed.

Garlic scapes: Thanks to the online food media community (hey, bloggers!), garlic scapes have become a more recognizable green at the farmer’s market. The long stems have that snap like asparagus and a mild garlic flavor. It is delicious. If you look up recipes for scapes on the internet, you will find them in abundance. People love adding them to pesto, salads, grilling them, sautéing them with a little butter, pickling them…the list is truly endless. Currently, we are in peak garlic scape season. These curly greens, which sprout out of the ground during the early summer months are high in antioxidants. Pick garlic scapes that have their bright green color and curly shape intact.

YellowWaxBeansYellow wax beans: Everything about this type of bean is like a green bean except for the color. The yellow makes it stand out in salads and does give you extra points when you’re looking to make an impression. The beans maintain their yellow color when cooked. Blanch them, roast them in the oven or throw them on the grill – just don’t overcook them. Yellow beans are high in protein, Vitamin C, iron and manganese. They also have the good carbohydrates, which help in digestion. The best beans have a firm texture and pale yellow color.

Edlyn G D’Souza is a writer and the more she says that, the truer it becomes. She has her roots in Goa and Mumbai in India, where she worked as a journalist for 5 years. She now lives in Washington where she writes in her blog egeedee.com, draws cat stuff, never tires of seeing Mt Rainier and dreams about changing the world through her stories.