Donate at the Strawberry Level – Get Berry Box Bag – Match the Snap

Go Fund Me – Strawberry Level Donation of $50 and you will receive a berry box bag and “Love” the Everett Farmers Market Stickers.

Why Did We Start the Match the SNAP Program?
The goal of “Match the SNAP” Market Match program is to encourage SNAP recipients in Everett and surrounding Snohomish County to take advantage of locally grown fruits and vegetables, and to provide additional fresh, nutritious food for their families.

gofundme snapGreat Support from the Community
Everett and the surrounding ‘Community’ have demonstrated ample support for the “Pay It Forward Initiative” through a weekly opportunity to donate $1 or more to the contribution jar at the Market Manager’s table.

Why Did We Start this Campaign?
The “Match the SNAP” incentive program is working and has been so successful it looks like EFM funding will run out of funding prior to Season’s end, October 16, 2016. This is why we have started the Go Fund Me Campaign.

Six Affordable Giving Levels are Available
There are 6 funding reward categories click here to choose $10, $25, $50, $75, $100 and $150.

Please Donate and Share
Support the Go Fund Me Campaign with your donation, and be sure to share with friends and other you know here is the link