Closed for 2018 – Friday Farmers Market Everett Mall

In June of 2013, the Everett Farmers Market opened a new Market in the Sears parking lot at the Everett Mall. During the last five years, the EFM offered access to farm fresh produce, berries, tree fruits, honey, and other processed goods, as well as artistry in a variety of flavors. The EFM also shared live music with the community every week, and we celebrated local junior entrepreneurs with Kids’ Days.

Every other week, United Health Care offered their services and provided families with incentives to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no forgetting Farmer Frog too, who in all of their ingenuity, generosity, and inspiration, brought fresh local produce grown at school gardens from around Puget Sound, and embraced the Kernel Kids Program to share a greater understanding about growing food in the garden.

We embraced a widely diverse community of shoppers, and enjoyed every minute of meeting you, and sharing with you the abundance of healthy and delicious Washington agriculture. In 2018 however, The Everett Farmers Market will not open for business at the Everett Mall, as we seek to better understand the EFM mission. We will though, work to keep the door open, so that someday we might return to serve the Community. You can continue to find the “Sunday Everett Farmers Market at the Port of Everett” opening Mother’s Day 2018 click here.

With gratitude, the Everett Farmers Market wishes to express our sincere thanks to the South Everett Community, Everett Mall, and all of our supporters for the last five fun years. We learned so much and met many wonderful people.

Truly our pleasure.

Thank you.